Agile Development

Agile is in First Line's DNA. Our team has over a decade of real life, in-the-trenches, no-BS Agile delivery experience under our belt. In fact, we were the pioneers of using Agile methods on large, distributed software projects. First Line uses a combination of Scrum, XP, Kanban and FDD for rapid delivery of high-quality code that meets customer needs.

All Agile methods are based on a set of fundamental principles that set them apart from the legacy (waterfall) approach to software development:

  • Software delivery is iterative and incremental, organized and prioritized around business value
  • The only real measure of progress is tested, working software
  • Changes in requirements are welcomed, even late in development
  • Customers/business users interact and cooperate with the development team closely and constantly

Unlike waterfall, where the software is delivered all at once at the end of the project, Agile focuses on providing a continuous flow of value to the customer, minimizing project risks and increasing return on investment. Agile is designed to manage the inherent uncertainty of software development and to keep the cost of change as low as possible.

Not just anyone can do Agile right. Agile is not for cowboys, it requires a lot of thinking, discipline and skill to implement correctly. But once you truly see what it can do for your business, you will never go back!

Engaging one of First Line’s Agile development teams will opens exciting possibilities for your software projects, including higher user adoption and customer satisfaction, faster time to market due to increased productivity, and reduced delivery risks.

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